Incredible India now builds monster replicas ….

“India has once again exhibited its capability to the world […] .For many years after Independence we did not do anything which could attract foreign tourists. We repeatedly spoke of things our ancestors had created, like the Taj Mahal and Sun Temple of Konark
– PM Narendra Modi

So we put up a giant REPLICA to ” attract ” foreign tourists – what an idea sir ji!!
Doesn’t the whole thing sound preposterous – constructing a towering REPLICA in the middle of nowhere after acquisition of lands from the tribals who have been cultivating in those lands for generations and all this talk about good governance (!!) and AGRICULTURE (!!!!!) to top it all? Currently, out of the 72 villages affected because of the Statue of Unity project, 32 villages have been severely affected with rehabilitation allegedly not completed or even initiated yet.
Now, the Gujarat government is looking to connect Sardarji by air and train to major cities of the State. Let’s see how many crores those projects run into…Finally, I guess Nitin Patel opened his eyes and realized that he was standing in the middle of a region with very limited connectivity to the outside world and talking about tourists flocking …. What a joke!