The Memory Keeper’s Daughter : Kim Edwards


The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards is my recent read and it is one of those books that can affect you profoundly .  Although I don’t pick up family dramas often / read them like I do suspense fiction – read race through the book in one-sitting like I NEED to know how it-all-ends and then relegating it to a spot on the bookshelf from where it will collect dust/come out once in a while for re-reads… These drama books won’t come out for even re-reads . They do rarely if they are extremely good even by the standards of crime fiction fanatic .

This book is one rare book (at-least for me) that actually  had me thinking about the characters for several days after finishing the book . The writing is simply brilliant that it made me slow down – to relax and savor every single line. Kim makes a passing reference to the biggest truths in our life very subtly but a keen reader would never miss out these beautiful lines –

 David did not want more children , and now that Paul was in school she had given up arguing with him about it . […] she often longed to hold another baby in her arms: like Angela this morning , the sweet warmth and weight of her . How lucky Kay was and didn’t even know it  

[..] there were other worlds , invisible , unknown , beyond imagination even [..]

[..] she had been a daughter and a student and a long distance-operator , roles she had handled with ease and assurance.Then she had been a fiancee` , a young wife , and a mother , and she had discovered that these words were far too small ever to contain the experience .

Plot Summary :

Norah Henry , Dr David Henry’s wife remarks  “Our world will never be the same.” before they start to the hospital for Norah’s first delivery during a blizzard . Little did she or Henry think about how much weight those words carry : Norah delivers twins unprecedentedly – a boy and a girl . While the boy is a healthy infant , the girl has Down’s syndrome . David secretly entrusts the baby to the care of a nurse while informing Norah that the child has died during birth .  Norah would not come to know about her daughter’s existence until 25 years later – but the secret which had weighed down David like ” a stone around his neck ” as he himself puts it has torn the family apart .

My thoughts about the story :

David , who is the ” memory-keeper ” ( long before he got the Memory Keeper camera from his wife for his birthday ) is one of characters whom I felt sorry for immensely by the time I came to the last few pages . Although , the first few pages make him seem  cold-hearted , delving deeper into his childhood helps the reader to understand why he did what he did ( Am I actually making sense now? ) . One can see that David’s beliefs shaped by his experiences influence his actions ( and eventually the course of the family history ) . Although , one may perceive that the story begins from the moment when David hands over the infant Phoebe to Caroline Gill , who would be her foster mother for the next 25 years , actually the story has begun long back from David’s childhood .

The character of David made me realize that what a gift it is , to be understood . It brings to my mind a line from Francis of Assisi’s prayer – ” to be understood as to understand “

He has seen what a huge burden / responsibility an ailing child can be and how the other children tend to get overlooked / neglected by the parents while they are tending to the sick child all the time . He has suffered and he definitely doesn’t want Paul to experience the same kind of neglect . He wants to be able to attend to Paul without having the needs of his specially-abled sister taking priority over his all-too-normal needs .

He has seen his parents struggle with catering to his sister’s special needs and the social and emotional void it puts the family in when you are caring for a differently – abled child . Eventually , his sister dies at a young age and his parents weren’t able to readjust to the new life without her and eventually his parents vanish completely from his life long before his marriage . In a way , it is a tragedy of his family .

He has known poverty at an early age and what  a stable career / financial security does for one . That is his reason for dissuading Paul from a music career which becomes a bone of contention between father and son during the teenage years . Paul goes on to become musician eventually but they never got a chance at repairing the rift in their relationship – right upto David’s death .

The character of David made me realize that what a gift it is to be understood by our family  & friends especially . It brings to my mind a line from Francis of Assisi’s prayer – ” to be understood as to understand ” . The Memory Keeper is as much David ‘s story as it is about Phoebe .

Although I might sound somewhat rude / insensitive , I couldn’t help feeling that Caroline was a better mother to Phoebe than Norah could / would  ever be . With Norah , it is exactly the opposite of David – she had my sympathy at the beginning of the book but not so much as the story progressed . Eventually when she is angry with David about concealing Phoebe ‘ s existence and whispers ” You bastard ” (while  burning up the photographs which he had taken over the years ) , I guess she lost the last ounce of sympathy I had for her . Her too self-serving , impulsive actions just widened the chasm in the marriage and eventually led to the breakup of the family . Her eventual ” forgiveness ” doesn’t matter at all ( at-least in my view ) .

The author has brought out the struggles of parents having children with Down ‘ s syndrome in getting the world to accept them and to extend to those children the same opportunities as the normal children in Caroline Gill & Al  . I wanted to know about the outlook India has towards Down’s syndrome children today and it is not good news . Thankfully , like Caroline and Al , the parents of these children themselves have taken charge to provide the children the “normal ” life .

 I read an article the other day about  a couple having started a Whats-app group ” Delhi Trisomy 21 ” to collaborate with other parents and to help them with doubts about caring for their children with Down’s syndrome . This was the statement given by a doctor when their daughter was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome in 2003 –

”Don’t expect much from a child, she will remain in a vegetative state.”

 There are several such stories  of parents fighting social stigma / bleak outlook of the society about what these children can / cannot do . Yes , India has a very long way to go .

I would definitely urge you to pick up this book if you haven’t read earlier . It throws a powerful spotlight on the societal opinions about special-needs people . It is at-least very much relevant in India ( considering that the book was set in the 1964 – 1989 timeline ) but hopefully others might have come a long way .

This review might not be in the style of regular reviews but these days I am surprising myself when I am reading between the lines . I guess my reading got better after the reading slump – in that case , the reading slumps are not that bad after all…


I Know Everything – Book review **

Title : I Know Everything

Pub Date : 6th Aug 2019

Publisher : Thomas & Mercer

Author : Matthew Farrell

Plot Blurb :

Amanda Brock , psychiatrist Randall Brock’s wife dies in what seems to be a freak car accident .  Investigator Susan Adler is forced to take a second look at Amanda’s  case when the Medical Examiner’s office finds evidence pointing to murder .

When Brock thinks he knows everything about Amanda , he receives a visit from a stranger who lets him onto two of Amanda’s secrets – secrets which make him realize that he had not known his wife well .  The stranger also implies that Amanda was murdered and he knows more about Amanda’s death . In exchange for revealing Amanda’s secrets and information about her death to him , Randall must reveal his secrets to the stranger .

Randall too has his own secrets – things from his traumatic past which he thought he had buried all together . Having those secrets out in the open meant the end of everything he had rebuilt – his career , his life , his reputation . As this visitor lets him know that he knows too much about him and implicates Randall further with his every visit in Susan’s eyes about his involvement in Amanda ‘s death ,  Randall starts unravelling from the pressure of it all . Eventually he begins questioning his own sanity as evidence against him mounts…..

It is up to Susan now to find out who is Amanda ‘s  killer – Is it always the husband ?

Review :

The plot-line is brilliant but the story telling could have been better . Although the author kept the narrative taut during the first half of the book , by letting the reader on some of the hints which were better not given off  at that point , the author missed out on carrying the guessing game till the end . With almost everything spelled out in italics ( literally ) for the reader , it was not very difficult to guess the culprit .

There are a few really breath-taking twists and if not for the above mentioned flaw in the narrative , this book with it’s interesting story-line could have become one of my memorable suspense reads and this author , another suspense writer whom I would be following closely .

While the author has got every minutiae about the police procedural on the page , the psychological aspects could have been better handled – there were few scenarios as the plot progressed which raised several questions regarding their verisimilitude . As I cannot point out the scenarios without revealing some key plot points , it would suffice to say that verisimilitude quotient goes down .

The characters are fleshed out quite well but the too-descriptive / everyday – mundanity capturing prose sometimes slows the progress of the story . Investigator Susan Adler reminds me of Mary Higgins Clark heroines – smart , bold , feisty and upright . It can be seen that when the author is familiar with the character prototypes and the official proceedings , the characters like Investigator Susan Adler and her partner-in-investigation Tommy Corolla have come out really well . Conversely , where he probably needs some expert insights , he has taken up some boilerplate – prototypes of the characters without adding much to them .

Overall , the author has succeeded in creating memorable characters but Farrell should give her a good case to crack open . If Susan Adler’s next case has a much more credible plot-line , I would be game enough to join her a second time .

But for now , the rating stands at 3 / 5 .

**I received a eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review .

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Eileen – Book Review

download (2)A few pages into this book , there was only one thought that was go on and on in my  mind – Eileen Dunlop is one suspense fiction heroine who you won’t forget easily .

I have read shelf-loads of books in the suspense genre , but none of the heroines stood out to me as Eileen Dunlop does . Almost all the heroines have been beautiful , intelligent , competent , compassionate …. the list can go on . And yes , damsels in distress – eventually .

But Eileen is not like the others even remotely –

*Plot blurb starts here for those of you who want to dive right into the review*

Eileen is an insecure young woman who day-dreams about life in the Big City but is too preoccupied with

a.) running the errands / caring for her alcoholic father who seems to be on the verge of lunacy = getting him his bottle of gin from the local alcohol store ; locking up his shoes in the boot of the car so that he doesn’t wander off in his perpetual drunken stupor only for the town police force to bring back Father Dunlop with some polite words about needing to look after him ; keeping his gun for him to prevent him for turning it on the passers-by while she is at work .

b.) perversely fantasizing about nearly everybody she has come in contact with = fantasizing sexcapades of brawny prison guards & imagining homosexual encounters between office ladies who are her colleagues at the boys’ correctional institution . Even the adolescent boys in the institution too were no far from her fantasies .

During the weekends though, for a change , she maintains  a stakeout of one of the guards ‘ houses whom she crushes on . Or maybe goes for a movie or two . Sometimes , she goes on a shoplifting or shop-damaging spree .

When the beautiful , stylish and charismatic Rebecca St John starts out as a counselor , Eileen , characteristic of her hatred for beautiful women , does not take too well to her – she takes Rebecca to be her rival for her ( almost-null ) chances with Randy ( that guard whose house she stakes out every weekend ) . But Rebecca seems to want to befriend her genuinely – which is too much for Eileen who hasn’t heard a friendly word from anybody for a long time . She wants to rise up to the demands of the friendship which Rebecca seems to be offering .

How far can she go to keep Rebecca happy whom she sees as a ticket to all glamorous things in life ? Be an accomplice to a crime ?

Literary Awards

Man Booker Prize Nominee ( 2016 )

Shirley Jackson Award Nominee for Novel ( 2015 )

National Book Critics Circle Award Nominee For Fiction ( 2015 )

The Center For Fiction First Novel Prize Nominee For Longlist ( 2015 )

Review :

Eileen can be a character study – that is to say a good two – thirds of the novel , the author lets the readers to know Eileen really well by making her the narrator . We come to know the people in her life – her alcoholic father and  the colleagues at her workplace . She also touches upon several significant memories of her early adulthood and her childhood . In recapping her memories about her 20′ s , we get to know about her regressive tendencies and her inner self – the one which she hadn’t given a glimpse of , to anybody till now .

As the old saying goes , still waters run deep – Eileen’s facade , which she prefers to call the ‘death mask’, perfectly conceals a young woman who is consumed by self loathing . She is insecure about her appearance and at 24 , still had not come to terms with her womanliness . Her habits are freakish to say the least – sometimes they are downright distasteful . To put it simply , Eileen is a weirdo – her mental make-up has more to do with this than her physical appearance .

Eileen has this absurd idea that Rebecca ‘ s friendship would transform her inside out – she would become like the other girls , whom she hated with a passion for their charisma and beauty . Doesn’t it seem a bit absurd and self – centered that Eileen relies on one of those beautiful young women whom she had learnt to hate to help her transformation ?

“In time we hate that which we often fear ” – William Shakespeare

In that sense , Eileen’s  obsession with her self – her anguish , her dreams , her perverted ideas , her views on herself almost border on insanity . And her obsession with Rebecca is also equally unhealthy .

The one good thing that came out of her entanglement with Rebecca was that  , she was finally shoved into action to move to the Big City . Let me not further dwell on the plot – line but I hope you got sufficiently intrigued with Eileen .

Eileen is an unlikely heroine but she is one of a kind – one whom you cannot miss . She is a rarity whom we do not come across often in fiction . She is one heck of a story-teller and the story is equally interesting as Eileen herself . Go , grab a copy of Eileen soon – this is one book which is definitely making to my list of best reads this year .

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Closed room mysteries of Christie’s you MUST read….

There are plot devices which are recurrent in several of Christie’s mysteries

Closed Circle of Suspects –

This is Christie’s favorite plot device I guess – close to  a dozen  of Christie’s  mysteries feature this one. Christie only needs to bring a bunch of  people together before bumping off one of them and the game begins …

The settings for several of her closed circle mysteries are widely varied – trains , country manors , a tropical beach resort , a private island , a luxury cruise , dinner tables (!!) that the reader doesn’t have the “I’ve-seen-this-before” complaint .

Her first suspense novel , The Mysterious Affair At Styles is credited to having used this plot device first which had become something of a rage with the writers of the Golden Age of Detective Fiction ( first half of 20th century ) . Here are a few closed-circle-mysteries from the Christie’s pen which you should definitely check out if you have not read these earlier –

And Then There Were None

Ten people have arrived at a private island for a weekend getaway . They are strangers to each other but their unknown host seems to know their darkest secrets . And when the they are murdered one by one , the survivors become the suspects and each must look out for oneself . But none would make it out of the island alive – they have been marked for murder .

Murder On The Orient Express

Poirot is travelling in the Orient Express . Samuel Ratchett , an elderly American tries to hire him as he has fears for his life which Poirot refuses out of distaste for the man . However , the third morning Ratchett is found dead and an interesting revelation presents itself – Samuel Ratchett is none other than Cassetti who abducted little Daisy Armstrong and killed her despite collecting the ransom .

Has retribution caught up with him finally ? With 13 possible suspects , the guessing game is a dream for the crime buff in the reader . But don’t think you can figure out the killer ….

A Caribbean Mystery

Miss Marple has gone to a Caribbean island for a vacation . Major Palgrave , whom she meets at the beach resort tells her about a wife killer who got away with murder twice . He even proceeds to fish a photograph which he claims to be that of the wife killer .  But when he takes a look at the photograph and somebody nearby , he hastily changes the subject . Miss Marple is convinced that the story old Major Palgrave told about the wife killer had been true when he is found dead the next day . So , which one among the guests at the Golden Palm resort is the seasoned murder?Will he get away with yet another murder this time also?


the end

Death Comes As The End

Set in 2000 BC Thebes, the story follows a spate of murders in the house of Imhotep, the Ka mortuary priest. It all began with the death of Nofret, his young concubine from Memphis. Her arrival at Imhotep’s house had not been without some animosity . She antagonized Imhotep’s sons and their wives – only the threat of disinheritance seemed to keep Yahmose and Sobek’s wives from bullying her any further. Her death seemed to bring everything back to as it was before Nofret’s arrival –  BUT IT WAS NOT SO .

Soon , as Renisenb , Imhotep’s daughter witnesses , the family members become victims to the unknown murderer one by one – Or is it the vengeful spirit of Nofret exacting her revenge on the family?

Christie puts together a really convincing ,  racy suspense with a jaw-dropping ending in a timeline that we don’t have much idea about .  I think this book alone can establish  Christie’s unsurpassed mastery in crime fiction writing – I can’t recommend this enough.

Cards on the table:

Four sleuths – Superintendent Battle of Scotland Yard; Mrs. Ariadne Oliver, famed writer of detective stories; Col. Race of His Majesty’s Secret Service; and Hercule Poirot get together for an evening of bridge at Mr. Shaithana’s house with four other people each of whom is suspected to have murdered somebody in their past and gotten away with the murder . But , before the first rubber was completed Mr. Shaithana is found dead .

Who amongst the four had killed Shaithana thinking that (s)he could get away with murder a second time ? And with our Poirot on the scene too….

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Book Review: I’ve Got My Eyes On You


I’ve Got My Eyes On You is my Mary Higgins Clark book after quite a long time .

Plot Synopsis :

Kelly Dowling is found dead in the swimming pool in her house . She had hosted a party the previous night for her classmates before they all left for their respective colleges when her parents were away from home . The guests included Kerry’s Harvard-bound boyfriend Alan Crowley , with whom she had a serious fallout during the evening .  Jamie Chapman , Kerry’s next door neighbor was also angry that Kerry had not invited him to her party . Or is there somebody else? Aline , Kerry’s elder sister pitches in to help the police bring the sister’s murderer to justice – She just doesn’t know that Kerry’s killer is ready to kill a second time to save himself .

Hopefully I have got you sufficiently intrigued with this short blurb.

Review :

As I had mentioned at the start , I am picking up a Mary Higgins Clark after quite a long time . Also , having read several of her titles , I felt that this plot was comparatively a regular one and not something that makes you feel that ONLY the Queen of Suspense could pull off such a plot-line which she did every single time during the ’90s . Still , the storytelling kept me hooked till the last page and I never got an inkling about the identity of the killer .

The story is paced well so that people like me don’t take a peek at the last 2 chapters to get to know who is the murderer [ guilty of DOING it when the story moves slowly sometimes ] . This is one of my chief complaints with some of the new authors I have tried . Sometimes the suspense novels become family dramas when the writers try to pack too many into the book – too descriptive language and too much after-crime drama that the focus on the crime actually dwindles . Put that together with a plot-line which actually is not very interesting / follows similar trail like a previous read , you can be sure that I will plod on with that book during my short breaks in office when I can’t accommodate my one-sitting finish .

Trust Clark how to tell her story – all her books have been one-sitting reads for me and this one was no different . With Clark the story has the right amount of everything – You won’t be put off by the romance that is slowly developing as the novel proceeds or when you get to see the family dramas in the victim’s / suspects’ families . Clark surely knows how much of anything other than suspense ,  a suspense fanatic would accept in a suspense novel . While there have been complaints that Agatha Christie does not allow her characters to develop , you would never have that complaint with Clark – through her words you get to see the despair of the suspects , how the families of the victims cope with the loss of a loved one eventually and yet she keeps the narrative racy .

Of course , as someone who has read several of her titles I can identify with a few staples in her books – the female leads who are featured in Clark’s books do not rely on a man to help them with their problems despite being beautiful , successful and everything else that a female ought to be to qualify as a female lead in several of the books .  Not even one of them have been damsels in distress – they are ready to rough it out . And they have few good people helping them along the way . Another thing that stands out in a Clark novel is that the characters move on at the end of the book – they look forward to new beginnings . Perhaps , that might be a reflection of Clark’s own attitude to life – this needs some elaboration I guess . If you are free head on to this Wikipedia page to read her full bio – She truly is an inspiring lady . And of course , there is a romance slowly developing between two characters and a thrilling climax where the guy saves the girl from the deranged psychopath [Am I giving away too much ?? ] .

Yeah , I have a few favorite lines from her books which are so beautiful that makes you wonder if you are reading a suspense . Here are some for you…

[….] How can our all-loving and merciful God fail to protect us and those we love at the time when we most need him? […] ”

” The best answer I’ve heard came in a sermon given by an elderly priest many years ago. He was travelling in the Middle East and was overwhelmed by the majesty of the Persian rugs he saw . Those gorgeous creations skillfully woven into such beautiful designs . One day he was in a shop where those rugs were on display . He walked behind one that was hanging on hooks from the ceiling . Looking at it from behind , he was shocked to behold a confusing array of threads that led nowhere . Such beauty on one side , total disharmony on the other , but both part of the same plan . It was then that the message became clear to him . In life we see only the back side of the rug , We don’t know how or why our unspeakable hardships are part of a beautiful design . That is why having faith is so important .”


I guess I’ll leave you to check out this book for yourself . I would recommend it for all my readers and would love to hear from you about how your reading went .

Rating : 3.75 / 5 *

*  I have given a 3.75 because I have read other titles by the same author which had more complex plots and some even scared the hell out of me. For a first time Mary Higgins Clark reader , surely it would have been at-least a 4 pointer . So , make sure you pick up this book for a good suspense read .

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The Reunion – A review

The Reunion by Samantha Hayes is my latest ” psychological thriller” read . ( More on this below…. ) . Here’s my review of the book –

Plot Summary :

Claire’s father has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and her mother is finding it increasingly difficult to run the family farm while taking care of her father . While her mother is seriously considering putting up the place for sale , Claire decides to have a reunion with her gang at the farm one last time.  She has a firm belief that revisiting old memories would slowdown the progress of the disease for her father .

But she couldn’t have foreseen that her family and friends would be forced to relive the nightmarish days following the disappearance of  her sister Eleanor – this time it’s her friend’s teenaged daughter . Claire couldn’t miss out the jarring similarities between both the disappearances….


Review :

I just don’t get the idea of every suspense/thriller  being marketed as ” The psychological thriller with a twist that you wouldn’t see coming ” . I guess editors read every suspense/thrillers they’re editing to see if it could be marketed as ” The Next Gone Girl ” or like that tagline I mentioned above which are super-easy click-baits for suspense fanatics like me.  If they can’t , they probably ask the writer to sketch a plot with a shocking twist ( doesn’t matter if it is sans logic . . .The reader should not see it coming in any way…. ) .

What several publishers don’t realize is that when you are marketing a book as a psychological thriller , there should be a real psychological element . To begin with ,  let me start with the definition of the term –

Psychological thriller is a thriller narrative which emphasizes the unstable or delusional psychological states of its characters. [ Wikipedia definition ] .

To put is simply , it should delve deeper into the psyche of the  characters  – especially the ( most probably ) twisted psyche of the perpetrator  .You can probably  give me an idea of why (s)he is  , the way (s)he is … When you have the victim’s POV you can get an idea of the effect of the crime on the victim’s psyche and how it had affected his / her life .

And secondly , scare us with your shocking twists & your psychologically deranged characters . Few of Agatha Christie’s villains are more shocking than the villains of few of these new age ” psychological thrillers ” . The element of menace is clearly missing in many of  almost all of these books . When you don’t elaborate on the villain’s deranged tendencies  , please don’t expect me to be scared by a Mr.Hyde like villian who is shown to be actually the darker side of XYZ in your story . Seriously???

If you are wondering whether this is a rant or a review , it is both .

The narrative was engaging and the characters are well fleshed out . The premise looked good with the setting just right – a family home ,  a disappearance ( or probably a rehash of an earlier disappearance ?? ) , the darker sides of those close to us ….. And then the twist came – it just left me so disappointed .

I think The Reunion is a book where the last 30 pages was the undoing of the entire book . The ending was a shocker , I concede – just of a different kind though!! Clearly did not see what was coming , else I would not have bothered to finish the book .

Let me know your thoughts on the book if you have already read it…

Rating : 2.5 / 5

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The Great Indian Reading Challenge

BeFunky Collage


Its year end and already there are several 2019 Reading Challenges doing the rounds . I am currently reading Gone with the Wind and enjoying it thoroughly. What I love particularly about this book is its narrative that captured the Civil War period so well that it is really informative. Sometimes, fiction teaches us history in ways a history book cannot and sometimes gives us a glimpse of the alternate history which did not make it to the history books….

This spurred in me a renewed interest in picking up some historical fiction from India which I have been meaning to read for a good period of time. Then I got a better idea to draw up a Reading Challenge list where the readers are allowed to pick up only books by Indian writers . And then , I got an even better idea to post it on my blog  so that I have some company (hopefully..) to keep the reading challenge interesting and going on… I would definitely need all the enthusiasm you guys would bring into the challenge to help me complete it . So , here goes my list –

A book in your mother tongue **

A book set in the colonial era

A biography of a leader in post-independence era.

A winner of the Man Booker Prize from India.

A book that made to the Man Booker Prize shortlist from India

An acclaimed debut book of an author

A book that is set in your home state**

A book translated to English from any vernacular language

A book that won the Sahitya Academy Award for English

A book that won the Sahitya Academy Award for any vernacular language**

A book that inspired a movie adaptation

A Pulitzer Prize winning novel

Any work of a Nobel Laureate from India

A graphic novel

A book set during Partition

** The items in the list marked as shown require the reader to pickup a non-English book. For non Indian readers I have included additional options to complete your list of 12 items…

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