Em and the Big Hoom by Jerry Pinto

Em – as she is called by her children , is Imelda Mendes suffering from bipolar disorder and is often in the throes of the ‘ highs ‘ ( manic episodes ) and ‘ lows ‘ ( depressive episodes ) which characterize the illness . In her highs , she can be a witty conversationalist or recounting the story of how she met her children ‘ s  father whom she has nicknamed ‘ Angel Ears ‘ . There are other stranger – sounding names which she has given to the children ‘ s father whom them call Hoom  . The narrator takes us through their family ‘ s struggles with Em ‘ s illness until her death . When the book closes , the Mendes family is left at the threshold of starting a new life –   a life without Em . Em has been a presence in the family ( to put it mildly ) and this book gives us only a glimpse into the family ‘ s everyday experiences with the matriarch suffering from bipolar disorder .

My Sister The Serial Killer : Book review

When a crime fiction makes it to the Booker Long-list , all crime-fiction fans rejoice and need to know what is there in the book that it made to The Booker Long-list . Perhaps the judges decided to include one crime fiction every year to grab the attention of the suspense fans . Despite Christie ‘ s popularity and Holmes ‘ popularity ( which outshone even Sir Conan Doyle ‘ s much to his chagrin ) , I am not able to fathom how suspense  genre is sub-par to the other ‘ literary ‘ genres out there . Maybe , I will discuss it another time .

So , here ‘s my review of the My Sister The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaithe which is right now on the long-list for the Booker Prize .