The Confession : Book Review

The book opens with four days only to go for the scheduled execution , Donte ‘ s  existence suddenly is recognized by the townspeople who had almost forgotten him during the last nine years – the blacks are angry about Donte’s conviction by an all-white jury while the whites are hell-bent on seeing the execution through . The city becomes further polarized with radical ” leaders ” making short appearances and making hatred fueling speeches . In short , the city is looking at a possible race riot – even if it is on a smaller scale . And with all this drama centered around one man’s question of life or death , Grisham has done a fabulous job of exploring the entire timeline post the wrongful conviction – from the forced confession extracted from 18 year old Donte to a city that is racially divided in it’s opinions about his guilt and punishment , nine years later & staring at a grim possibility of race-riots breaking out .

Girl From The Tree House (Women of Our Time Book #1 ) – Book Review

For Elizabeth , self is not I , it’s we . From a very early age , Elizabeth has suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder . She doesn’t like her own name and prefers to be referred to as Elise – the default alter ego . Then there is Lillie – the hard-headed & quick-thinking 18 year old who refers to herself as the resident crisis-manager of the ” tree- house” . The tree- house is the imaginary ” house ” where Elise’s alters convene and discuss about the tough situations and decide what needs to be done and who is the best person to take over the body at that particular instant .