My Sister The Serial Killer : Book review

When a crime fiction makes it to the Booker Long-list , all crime-fiction fans rejoice and need to know what is there in the book that it made to The Booker Long-list . Perhaps the judges decided to include one crime fiction every year to grab the attention of the suspense fans . Despite Christie ‘ s popularity and Holmes ‘ popularity ( which outshone even Sir Conan Doyle ‘ s much to his chagrin ) , I am not able to fathom how suspense  genre is sub-par to the other ‘ literary ‘ genres out there . Maybe , I will discuss it another time .

So , here ‘s my review of the My Sister The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaithe which is right now on the long-list for the Booker Prize .

The Confession : Book Review

The book opens with four days only to go for the scheduled execution , Donte ‘ s  existence suddenly is recognized by the townspeople who had almost forgotten him during the last nine years – the blacks are angry about Donte’s conviction by an all-white jury while the whites are hell-bent on seeing the execution through . The city becomes further polarized with radical ” leaders ” making short appearances and making hatred fueling speeches . In short , the city is looking at a possible race riot – even if it is on a smaller scale . And with all this drama centered around one man’s question of life or death , Grisham has done a fabulous job of exploring the entire timeline post the wrongful conviction – from the forced confession extracted from 18 year old Donte to a city that is racially divided in it’s opinions about his guilt and punishment , nine years later & staring at a grim possibility of race-riots breaking out .