First look @ Richie-he’s finally here !!!

Finally the wait is over-Richie has arrived….

After Kirik Party and Godhi Banna Sadharna Mykattu(I should say my Kannada had drastically improved within a span of  3 movies and this time I did not have any difficulty with the dialogues) people suggested another Rakshit Shetty starrer(also his first directorial venture)Ulidavaru Kandante (henceforth,thou shalt be known as UK to save me the trouble of typing out the full name)should not be missed.But  30minutes into the movie ,I realized that my beginner(well,not exactly beginner,probably primary??)Kannada would be of not much help with UK atleast, as the slang was very different from the one we don’t hear in Bengaluru. But the trailer got to me and I wanted to watch the movie very much.And one fine day,we got the announcement that UK is going to be made in Tamil as Richie with Nivin Pauly in the titular role. Ok,without further ramblings,lets get to the teaser which was released yesterday.

So lets begin with the hits…..Nivin’s performance- The actor has time and again showed how versatile he can be with the wide range of roles he has portrayed onscreen .With Richie we get to see the Nivin in an all-new avatar as a coastal -town rowdy and he completely aces it.The background score(original score has been retained) sets the right tone and is a big asset for the movie.

And now for the misses-As somebody who had watched the UK trailer also,I could not help myself comparing the two.The Kannada flick had  ‘the incident’ forming the crux of the story but from the teaser,the Tamil flick promises somewhat to shift the focus to Richie-well,after all this caters to a different set of audience.What I found missing in the trailer was a glimpse at Richie’s everyday in his profession as a ‘professional rowdy'( as he proudly calls himself). Rakshit as Richie under a minute showed us what a  professional rowdy would do-from breaking a few noses to veiled threats,from his trigger happy to reckless demeanor,his jaunty walk and talk……….. Nivin’s Richie in contrast is only talk and a few poses(missing some real action here).I felt that the character could have been better etched out.Also,Nivin’s voice-over has a tinge of Malayalam.

But as they say,don’t judge a book by its cover-I won’t draw my conclusion with a under-a-minute trailer and am waiting…Waiting for some real action and thrilling moments….

Of chance encounters….

The other day when I was arranging my book shelf I came upon the long lost yellowish dog-eared copy of Little  Women-my first ever classic read on love,heartbreaks and such stuff.As I turned over the yellow pages of the book,there was a rush of memories-of the numerous times  I had sneaked this book into my study room and read it instead of studying for tomorrow’s exams,how it landed in my bookshelf,of times when my mom had tried to keep it out of my hands during my exams in my middle school days( but with limited success).

I picked up this book from the book fair that comes to the city every year when I was in the 7th grade.Picking up this book was something like the hero-falls-for-heroine-@-first-sight scene .Just  a small correction here-it was not love @ first sight here.That happened much later.I had not the least idea about this book the day I went to the book fair.I was looking for books to add to my sizeable Agatha Christie and Doyle collection-I was a huge fan of the suspense/detective fiction.I  still am….I had picked up the books which I wanted to and as I was roaming among the stalls reading the plot-summary of some random book that looks somewhat interesting(not that I had any idea of buying the book-probably it would land in my list-of-books-to-read till I get to go to another book fair-my budget ) the cover of Little Women caught my attention.Reading the first 3 pages,I had to admit the story was pretty interesting plus the price was reasonable.(I had already finished my budget on Christie Books that day.)That’s how it got to my bookshelf.

“Chance encounters with people have an everlasting impact in our lives.They give us lessons,new ideas,new insights,new learnings,new experiences-the same holds true for books.”

I still remember my 12 year old self laughing herself silly/getting a lump in the throat and trying not to cry(but not managing it really) over something in this book This was the book that had me laughing out loud @ Jo’s gaffes and skirmishes with the dashing guy-next-door Laurie.(Not that Jo had any idea about such things).It had me in tears when Beth finally loses the battle with her illness.It had me feeling sorry for Laurie over Jo’s refusal(I so wanted the two of them to end up together)..A tomboy who fervently hates anything remotely girlish,a Miss.Malaprop in social scenarios,an outspoken person sometimes to the point of being too blunt,the bookworm who prefers the Romeos from her books while turning a blind eye to the loving glances and a deaf ear to the subtle hints of the next-door-Romeo-I loved Jo March and could identify myself with her big time(only there was no dashing next-door-neighbour :p…Peace!!)

Prior to Little Women,with the books in the suspense genre,there had  been simply the narration of a case- solid facts with insights into workings of the human mind-the emotions were mostly anger,fear,guilt and others in the same line.If there was love,the author gets maybe one or two pairs married for a happily-ever-after ending in the last page.In suspense genre the emphasis had always been on the actions of the character and their outcomes but not the underlying influences like the emotions.Louisa May Alcott’s book showed me the power of words in vividly picturing a scenario.The words were not simply telling a story .They were able to beautifully bring before the eyes of the reader the dreams,the passion/the hopes/the angst/the heartbreaks of the characters so well  that the reader laughed/cried/sympathized with them.

I have since then read several other books where the narrative is at a whole new level in terms of making the reader visualize what he/she reads.But Little Women will always have a special place on my bookshelf-because it introduced me to new ideas and motivated me to try out new things and helped me to grow as a reader.And it gave me one important lesson which I have come to realize in retrospect-Chance encounters with people have an everlasting impact in our lives.They give us lessons,new ideas,new insights,new learnings,new experiences-the same holds true for books.I don’t know how it would have been if I had not been open to trying out something new -probably,I would have found another book that would have shown me those things ,maybe a bit later.But now,I remember this everytime I when I go to the bookstore-I keep my eyes open for some new author/new genre that I have not tried and trust me-it has opened up my horizons to the extent that even I was not aware of in passing but have come to appreciate now.

So,planning a visit to the bookstore this weekend??Or ordering some book online??Or downloading any audio-books??Or just trying out some cool apps out there?Whatever,it is,go for something that you have not tried before-it may be a new genre/new author…You never know what you might find out there…..